About Us


Who We Are

PATIENT FIRST MEDICAL CENTER, an out patient health care facility that offers an alternative medical venue to provide prompt and personal health care service to the general public as well as corporate clients by a network of our highly skilled health care professionals.


Patient First will be recognized as the country’s leading center in preventive healthcare and holistic wellness that offers excellent medical services in an environment of compassion and unique Filipino hospitality.


(1) We put our patients first by providing consistent and quality health care in a spirit of uncompromising service among the patients, medical practitioners, and stakeholders.

(2) We are committed in giving dependable and high caliber medical service

(3) We impart a family atmosphere through harmonious work relationship.

(4) We are dedicated to perpetual improvement by continuing education and development.

(5) We aim to improve the quality of health care in the country.

(6) We protect our stakeholders by providing appropriate compensation and a fair return on their investment.

Core Values

Continuous Improvement
Responsible Stewardship